2018 Gulf Coast Marching Band Championship

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Interested band directors should email mcneeseband@mcneese.edu to request/reserve a performance slot. The first 25 bands to request participation will be accepted.  Our championship is limited to 25 bands.

Click here for the information packet and festival format description

TBA- First Band / TBA- Gates Open

Cowboy Stadium - McNeese State University

Lake Charles, Louisiana

 The 16,000-seat Cowboy Stadium at McNeese State University

The 16,000-seat Cowboy Stadium at McNeese State University

Entry form for HS Directors

2018 Performance Schedule


The Lake Charles Toyota Gulf Coast Marching Band Championship (formerly the "Showdown at Sundown") is hosted each year in late October/early November by the McNeese State University Cowboy Marching Band.  This Saturday high school marching band festival is held in the beautiful Cowboy Stadium on the McNeese campus.  

This is a festival/competitive format, with bands receiving both ratings (music, visual, GE, color guard, percussion, & overall band) and competitive scoring within captions and classes.  Trophies are awarded for:

General Participation Plaque

Superior Rating in each caption (Music, Visual, GE, Perc, Guard)

High Music, Visual, GE, Percussion, & Guard within classes

High Music, Visual, GE, Percussion & Guard overall

Top 3 scoring band in each class

Top 5 overall scoring bands

Band Classifications are based on the total number of marching winds + marching percussion:

A -  1-40

2A-  41-80

3A-  81-120

4A-  121+

2018 Judges:

Ensemble Music: TBA

Ensemble Visual: Roger Marquis, Houston, TX

GE: Dr. Alton Royer, Houston, TX

Percussion: TBA

Guard/Aux: Mr. Mark Rivero, New Orleans, LA

Entry Fee:  $275

RSVP to jjacobs@mcneese.edu to secure a performance slot.  Entry forms will be mailed/emailed in August.