About the McNeese Summer Color Guard Academy

Our color guard academy is ideal for sending entire school color guards or attending as an individual.  Designed and instructed by an expert faculty with strong backgrounds in color guard and winter guard, the guard camp provides instruction to all levels of experience, with focus on the following:

  • Flag fundamentals
  • Rifle and/or saber fundamentals
  • Writing for color guard
  • Winter Guard show creation
  • Camp Finale Performance

Guard students also participate in our evening activities such as: sports night, movie/game night and pool night.

From our Color Guard Academy Coordinator:

Hey McNeese Academy Students!

This is just a quick note about our Summer Guard Academy. As usual I’ve chosen a theme for this year! For 2017, we’re going to show off our skills, literally. We’re doing fun pop music about supermodels, and being sassy and confident! For your “costumes”, I want you to wear your sparkliest attire—the more sequins the better, but I would like everyone to have black shorts, capris or pants with their shiny tops! Just make sure your costumes for the final show are “appropriate” and allow you to spin and dance (no tight jeans!) As usual, you need to bring your own equipment (flags, rifles and sabres are all welcome—please no special props or airblades though).

If you can, try to bring silks that are in the blue color family so that we kind of coordinate with each other. I can’t wait to see everyone in June and I’m looking forward to having a blast learning guard stuff, playing volleyball, hanging out and putting on an amazing show for your family and friends. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the band office and they’ll track me down or you can email me at cortney1946@gmail.com. See you all soon.

Things you will need for sessions:

  • Water jug

  • Electrical tape to repair your own equipment (strapping tape for rifles)

  • Gloves—if you wear them for your school and especially if you are spinning weapon

  • Your flag—preferably 6 foot pole with weights (you may bring a practice flag and show silk if you like)

  • Your weapon—rifles and/or sabres are welcomed

  • Comfortable clothes you can move in (shorts, jazz/yoga pants, capris, tank tops, tshirts) we may be spending

    time outdoors and indoors, so plan accordingly. NO DENIM—SHORTS, SKIRTS, JEANS, ANYTHING!!

  • Sneakers—REQUIRED!

  • Sunscreen, Sunglasses, hats, Visors—anything for outdoor sun protection

  • Towel (small one to wipe sweat and equipment)

  • Ace bandages, braces, wraps (if necessary)

  • Enthusiasm and a positive attitude! 

Pre-Academy Information Letter